Shots from the Winchester

#015 - 'Veteran Help' with Pete Freudenberger

October 17, 2019 Greencastle Associates Consulting Season 1 Episode 15
Shots from the Winchester
#015 - 'Veteran Help' with Pete Freudenberger
Show Notes

In this episode, Pete Freudenberger, Outreach Manager and Clinical Social Worker at the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania, joins us for an impromptu interview at the Greencastle headquarters to tell us about the service offerings of the Cohen Veterans Network and how they help veterans every day with a large range of needs. Pete discusses everything from getting help with PTSD to assisting with VA disability benefits and so much more. Pete has been with the Cohen Veterans Network since 2016 and is a veteran himself, so he brings a vast knowledge of aiding veterans in need. This is an episode full of excellent information that so many veterans are looking for!
We are proving the value of veterans in the workplace and giving veterans the tools they need to translate their experience into civilian employer terms.
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